World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day. Please donate and change the life of a local child

Did you know that there are children in Harpenden going hungry? This news might be shocking, but the reality is that at several of our Harpenden schools children are going without. Up to 30% of children in some schools are entitled to free school meals. With no free meals in the holidays, and no provision in the evenings, some of these children are reliant on local food banks to stave off hunger.

We have a local food bank in Batford, which is part of St Albans and District Foodbank, that provides essentials to local families in need. Emma Dalton, the Manager of the Foodbank, commented: ‘Last year we fed over 3.200 people and over 1,700 of those were children. As we start to plan for the long school summer holidays, we can already see that we are short of essential items that we need to make up our food parcels. We rely on the continued support of the community to donate the food and money needed to keep our services going and help feed those in crisis locally.’

To mark World Hunger Day (28 May), we kindly ask for donations via PayPal to sustain children in our own community who need our help. Though at times we are so blinded by the affluence in our own town and it’s easy to miss the suffering, it is very much real. All funds received will be donated to St Albans and District Foodbank.

Perhaps, for one day, we could all eat a little less, and donate a little more? Thank you for your kind support.