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Message in a wallet

Message in a Wallet is an emergency information service, based on the established Message in a Bottle scheme.

The new scheme provides users with a printed form on which individuals can record any medication, illnesses or allergies they may have, together with a contact name, in case they are taken ill whilst away from home. It also includes information about any dependent who is left at home or even a much-loved pet that may need looking after. The form folds up into a small plastic cover, designed to be kept in a wallet or handbag. Some other Lions Clubs have introduced the scheme in their areas.

It is ideal for the elderly, people with disabilities, walkers, lone walkers, carers, cyclists, motorists. The card is kept inside your wallet or handbag, and provides the emergency Services with a contact name and vital details of any illness or allergy you may have, if they are called to an emergency involving you.

Harpenden Lions Club are aiming to provide this service for at least 5,000 local people. You can obtain a form and cover for your personal use from local health centres or pharmacists that display a notice about the Message in a Wallet service.

There is no charge for this service

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